With 2018 Comes a Resolution

In an attempt to avoid the cliche “new year new me” post, but still celebrate my 2017 successes in my business, I wanted to write a short post on some awesome opportunities I had with Ulivo Design.

At the beginning of summer, after graduating from college & taking a much-needed trip to Spain, I came back with a fresh mindset on what I wanted in a career & in life. I knew that I:

  1. loved photography & blogging
  2. loved traveling & experiencing new cultures
  3. loved fashion & the understanding of keeping up with fashion trends.

With those things in mind, I officially decided to start my business in June, deciding that I wanted to specialize in photography, graphic design, copywriting, & social media influencing. The first two months were working around 10 hours a day from home or a coffee shop to create a website, create content for social media, design a logo, & understand what it meant to be a small business owner.

My Instagram grew significantly when I turned it into a business account & around late July to early August, I decided to really invest my time into portrait photography. I created another Instagram account, @ulivodesign, where I share all my photography work & decided to make my @bren.murray account more about self-branding. Here I post all things from my portrait photography work, my personal fashion, travel & lifestyle, updates on my business life, etc.

Being a small business owner, it can be challenging to take a quick minute & look back on the amazing opportunities we have had & successes we have experienced. I focus on the negative more often than I should, realizing I’m not where I thought I would be. But that’s just how it works, nothing will go as you plan it to be but it doesn’t mean it won’t be just as great, if not better than you expected.

I have had some incredible opportunities in the few months since starting my business, including second-shooting a wedding with one of the sweetest people & most amazing wedding photographer in Idaho. I also did a lot of fashion photography for local boutiques in Idaho, which was awesome because this is what I eventually want to do with larger retail brands so to have local retail photography under my belt is something pretty special. I also got to take some senior portraits along the way. I wrote blog posts for a boutique in Nashville, TN (also something I want to do for a large fashion brand in the future, #score). I also recently got a part-time job at Anthropologie, which will benefit myself & my business significantly by giving me another opportunity to immerse myself in the fashion industry. I’ve noticed that the experiences I had in 2017 are a stepping stone for what the future holds & nothing excites me more than seeing it all put together like that.


Looking back on this last year, I’ve been busy. But it’s all been such a blessing. I think God is up to something here…

So as I sit here at my home office, listening to The Head & The Heart in the background, I take a deep breath & soak in where I am now & where I will be this time next year. Cheers to a happy 2018, may we all push ourselves to greatness.

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