Preparing For A Stylized Shoot

Hi, there beautiful people and happy Wednesday!

The theme of today’s post is to share with you the process I go through when planning a (FREE!!) stylized shoot. I recently won a free photo shoot session at Studio Boise from an Instagram contest and I really wanted to put something great together for this. Super excited for the opportunity, I sought to Pinterest for some inspiration and a starting point for planning the shoot.

If you follow me on Instagram, I often share which photographers that inspire me the most, but when it comes to posing inspiration, vibes/ overall aesthetic of the photo, outfits, etc. Pinterest is my go-to. Pinterest is amazing in a lot of ways, but one of my favorite things about it is the curated feed on the home page.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 1.58.22 PM*Obviously, this one is especially great because Audrey Hepburn is in it.*

Once I’m here, I first determine what it is I am seeking inspiration for. Whether that may be a color scheme, posing inspiration, or outfit ideas for the shoot.

For the purpose of this stylized shoot, I also collaborated with a friend and local photographer and we worked together to determine our shoot aesthetic. We both decided we liked gold colors, pastels, and soft blues. From there, I created a mood board in Photoshop to outline the style we were looking for clothing, color scheme, and overall aesthetic.

Mood Board

Here is what we came up with. For the outfits, I wanted to be gold, delicate glitter, and simple makeup, giving it an overall vintage French look. For the attitude of the shoot, I wanted it to be Sabrina meets American Beauty in that “forbidden/ complicated love” sense. I reached out to a local boutique in Boise to see if they would be willing to lend me clothes for the shoot and from there, we began planning the rest of the small details.

For this shoot, we went to Studio Boise and rented out space for a couple hours. Like I said before, I received our session for free from a #CommunityOverCompetition Instagram contest, but Studio Boise is an extremely affordable studio for Photographers to rent out space for shoots.

The shoot was scheduled for Saturday at 3 pm. Once there, we immediately got to work putting together outfits and prepping our shots.

Here are some images from last Saturday’s stylized shoot.


(Both Hannah & Tarique are wearing Shift Boutique clothes. Tarique’s sweater is RVCA from Shift Boutique’s men’s clothing store, Keystone Station.)

(Hannah is wearing a Shift Boutique dress and Tarique is wearing Pacsun.)


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Cheers, Bren


My friend and photographer I collaborated with was Taylor Lippman. The models (best models ever, highly recommend these two awesome people!!!) were Hannah and Tarique. Some of the men’s clothes are from Tarique’s wardrobe, and the rest of the outfits are from Shift Boutique!


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