Up Your Photography Game With These Low Budget Tricks

I’m actually on top of things this week and managed to get a blog post out there at a reasonable time (rip me & my unorganized life). But with this on time blog post comes some awesome tricks I discovered for a recent photo shoot I shot on Saturday.

Some background on the inspiration for these tricks came from one of my biggest photog inspirations, Jessica Kobeissi when I watched her recent Youtube video about how to transform your photos with some creative tricks. Here’s the video, it’s awesome so give it a watch.

Anyway, so after watching the Youtube video, obviously I didn’t have a lot of the things she had in her video and I wasn’t about to go search for them everywhere for my photo shoot, so instead, I rummaged through some miscellaneous arts & crafts supplies and discovered some psychedelic tape I bought a long time ago for whatever reason from Target. I also used some 70s style sunglasses I bought at the thrift store for a previous shoot. I also used the clear film on an old CD slip. Another thing I used was a strip of clear tape that I painted dark blue, light blue and purple nail polish on (lolz I know, I sound insane). The last thing I brought to the shoot was a picture frame with just the glass in the middle. I sprayed water on it to give it a “looking through a rainy window effect”. It didn’t work as well as I wanted because the frame was a bit too small but I got a couple good pictures from it. Here are some photos of the crafts I made/had.




Here, I used the top cardboard piece of my 50-mm lens box to secure the tape for easier use.

*Not pictured is the tape with nail polish because I’m pretty embarrassed about how it looks if I’m honest… but you get the idea*

Basically, with all these little homemade pieces of junk, I take them and put them in front of my lens a certain way to not obstruct the view of the model but to add a cool little effect that’s natural and not photoshopped in. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot I experimented with.

IMG_0751This was taken with the frame and water.



In these photos, I actually just used a green leaf to get that blurred, green effect. #NatureHacks.





These photos were achieved with the psychedelic tape in front of the lens and a whole lot of trying to work with the sun’s reflection on it.



These photos were taken with the CD clear sleeve filter over my lens (not sure what the exact name for the CD sleeve is, but you get what I’m saying). Vintage goals you guys. I’m legit obsessed with these because I’m obviously obsessed with anything vintage. #Millennial.


These series of photos were taken using the old sunglasses I purchased from the thrift store. I love the deep brown, ombre effect they gave on the photos.

IMG_1095This photo was taken just by pure luck of the sun. NYC is that you?


These were taken again with the CD sleeve film.


And last but not least, my nail polish tape!!! To achieve these, I literally just put the tape in the corner of my lens and continued to move it around until I achieved the look I was going for. (Jk I was actually just winging it and they turned out better than I ever expected. Fake it til you make it people).

**Also, my model Alyssa is the sweetest person and so supportive of my crazy ideas so that was helpful. You can follow her on Instagram here. **

Hope you enjoyed this post and gave you some major photog inspo for all of you photographers that may be on a budget or just lazy (I am both) because everything I used in these photos were things I already had laying around my house. Use your imagination, work with what you’ve got and go out and shoot!

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p.s. if you try any of these tricks, tag me in your post so I can see how cool & creative you are!

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