“Last Moments of Fall” Shoot with Cheyenne


Guys fall is so cute, I can’t handle it and this shoot with Cheyenne was perfect in every way.  Cheyenne found my Instagram and loved a previous shoot I did at Edwards Greenhouse. So obvi we had to go to the Greenhouse again and see what we could work with creatively.

Everything worked out so well in our favor except for my horrible last minute planning and I forgot Edwards Greenhouse closes at 5. Our shoot was at 6… But like I said, everything else worked out in our favor because we still got some incredible shots around the greenhouse, we didn’t even have to go inside!

All the shots I took from last Monday were taken around the indoor greenhouses and honestly, I think they turned out better than if the greenhouses had been open. We utilized the GORGEOUS “golden hour” light and wow these shots are awesome.

As for editing these photos, once again, I used only used 2 different pre-made presets that I applied in Lightroom and then I always decrease the yellows because I like a cooler-toned image, added a magenta shadow at about 4, crushed the blacks and upped the shadows. I also like to decrease the saturation and luminance on the greens as well.

Here are my favorite shots from the shoot. (There’s a lot so I apologize in advance).


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