Westside Drive-In Vibes with Kalysta


I was planning on getting this post out on Monday, but you know, life happens and I forgot because I’m human.

Anyyywayyyy. I had such a fun time shooting with the fun and beautiful Kalysta on Sunday night and we got some pretty awesome shots in the process. We went over to Westside Drive-In during magic hour and Kalysta (thankfully) came prepared with a couple extra outfits which I was stoked about! We started at Westside Drive-In and walked around the neighborhood a bit, made some homeowners very uncomfortable and soaked in the descending sun.

Here are my favorite shots.

IMG_9979IMG_0362IMG_0528IMG_0314IMG_0126IMG_0152IMG_0086IMG_0048IMG_0273IMG_0425IMG_0281File_000 (4).pngIMG_0475IMG_0081IMG_0484

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Also, I love to be inspired by other photographers in the PNW, leave your Insta handle below and I would love to check out your stuff!

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