Shopping the Record Exchange with Susanna


It’s Monday guys and I’m still obsessing over my photoshoot on Friday with the beautiful Susanna. We had a fun time walking around our favorite record store, The Record Exchange, while taking shots and walking over to the Linen Building & Big City Coffee on Grove St. The smoke had finally cleared quite a bit in Boise and it resulted in a fabulous magic hour with some gorgeous shots that I’m super stoked about.

Here are some of my favorites!

I was super obsessed with this yellow wall behind the Record Exchange and so happy that the photos turned out good!


Next, we walked over two blocks to the Linen Building where I got these awesome lighting shots on this white wall.

At Big City Coffee, right across the alley, there is this awesome Wings mural.


Then we walked to the front of the coffee shop and took some cute shots at the tables in front!

Susanna is also an awesome photographer in the Boise area, check out her photography Insta here!

If any of you guys are near the Boise area, let’s shoot! DM me on Instagram or contact me through email!



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