Finding your creative process


 Everyone expresses their creativity differently and in an attempt to share mine, I’ve written down the basics in how I work through my creativity step-by-step when designing.

For me, being a freelance creative designer gives me a lot of opportunity to come up with designs in my own way. For example, when I design a logo, clients give me a few ideas to run off of, but for the most part, it consists of company research, Google images and word affiliation on my part. Having tons of scratch paper is extremely handy because I am constantly jotting down words or sketches that I think might be of inspiration to the logo.

During the sketching process, I also enjoy creating vision boards. You can create one using Pinterest or using Google Docs and here I put together all my research based off the ideas and visions the client has given me. This would include color palettes, photos related to color scheme or brand identity, and different fonts.

Many ink smeared and crumpled up pieces of paper later, I have two to four different designs in mind & I take these ideas to handy-dandy Photoshop. It can be a hit or a miss when you transfer your sketches to computer design, some look better as a sketch and others look better as a design but the trial and error is what drives me to create the very best.

Once I’ve designed about four logos for a client, I make sure to send them to the client for feedback. Client feedback is extremely important to me, especially during the intro phase of the design process so that I can better understand what they are really looking for with their logo. When first working with a client, understanding their vision for their brand can be tough without visualizing the logo. Some clients are unsure of what they want exactly until they have design options in front of them, then once that happens, they can pick and choose what elements they prefer and which can be botched. This is why I continuously email my clients for feedback in the early stages.

After I have narrowed down to two designs with the client, this is where I make sure every detail looks absolutely perfect in Photoshop and in Adobe Illustrator. At this point, both designs are pretty similar, the only difference might be the typography or positioning. This gives the client the ultimate choice of what they think fits best for their business, then I email back the finalized design!

The most important thing for me is keeping up a fabulous line of communication with my client.

Note: Finding your creative process can be tougher than others give you credit for. If there is something going on in your life that is distracting you from your professional creativity, take a step back, evaluate the need to fix the problem before beginning your work.  Not being in the right mindset for design can impact your services to the client so making sure your able to be 100% available is very important. If the distraction big to ignore, take a day off, treat yourself to a coffee by yourself, chat with a loved one or veg on the couch all day and catch up on your favorite Netflix show. It’s important to give yourself a break and check up on your mental health.


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