My niche specializes in food retail, fashion, travel, & nonprofits.

What I do

I help business owners share their story to a crowd of interactive listeners through the use of copywriting and social media marketing through creative design, photography, blogging and blog design that matches your brand identity.

What does that mean?

This means that I help you build customized logos, graphics, and photos. Then, I write material and plug it into a beautiful custom blog, and push the material to social media.

My experience

In the past, I have worked for fast-paced companies in need of a re-branding strategy. Through this, I was their go-to for graphic design, social media marketing, email marketing and blogging. Working for companies like a magazine in New York and the marketing department for a university’s athletic department gave me the necessary skills to work in a fast-paced environment where timely and quality work is valued. Currently, I am able to manage between clients efficiently all while keeping an excellent line of communication with them in order to understand their needs and receive feedback on the services I am giving them as often as need be.

What are the next steps?

Well, before we begin in our creative journey together, I love (yeah, love!) to do some research on your brand specialties and mission to better understand the wants and needs of my clients. From there, we chat with a coffee, a beer, or over Skype, fire off creative ideas from each other and create a vision board! (I also love vision boards). I want to help you share your story to people who will value it and I’m super excited to get started on this creative journey with you!

On the off chance, I’m not chatting with my awesome clients and working my butt off, I’m usually attending my favorite happy hour in Boise (cheap food and beer, what could be better), traveling the world, hanging out with my cat, or watching Friends on repeat. I love meeting new people from around the world and sharing our love for food and fun life stories. Let’s chat soon!